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Located in the Sahara, near vast livestock and wildlife populations, Camelcoin is a cryptocurrency project with three primary goals: develop Camelcoin as a digital currency, establish CameLink blockchain for information exchange, and promote global acceptance of natural brown products. This comprehensive approach aims to boost economic development surrounding camelids, drive innovation across sectors (food, cosmetics, tourism, textiles, sports, etc.), enhance global market positioning, and create income-generating opportunities in underprivileged regions. The ecosystem will later open to 200 similar projects, expanding the platform's offerings to include thousands of natural products such as oils, honeys, and herbs.


The CamelCoin Project, Welcome to Fairtrade E-volution

Join the decentralized finance revolution with Camelcoin - the secure and efficient digital currency that anyone can use with ease.

About Us


A Fulfilled Ecosystem

From projects to your house in a fairtrade way

A cryptocurrency based in the Sahara, near the largest livestocks and wild animals.

Camelcoin, a cryptocurrency project that aims to develop and promote economical activities around camelids worldwide. It is an evolution in the fairtrade industry. decentralizing to offer everyone a chance to sell worldwide, especially from isolated areas. Camelcoin is 170 millions total supply for a 20 billions global market. The ecosystem include Camelcoin, the cryptocurrency of reference for the camel world, The Hump a decentralised crypto wallet with NFT minting for safe transactions, Cameleader a social media market place app where you can find everything about camels, products, experts, books, events, etc... and camelink a blockchain for research datas and a program using camels as wifi mobile stations to bring network to isolated area. Once the ecosystem developed, the ecosystem and camelink will integrated 200 other similar project from other natural products and serve as a trust label for worldwide fairtrade and cooperative for 3.0 agriculture. Because one thing is sure, Camels are the future!

Our Tactical Partners

Cardano ADA
Digital Unicorn
CML Global
Activ Capital

Token Distribution

Here are some of the mains informations concernig the camelcoin token on Cardano blockchain before it's switch to th CameLink blockchain. Most of those main functions will stay after that. There is a 170 Million token limited supply and half of the ICO's unsold supply will be burned and no more token will be edited. Anti whale and security lock system are made to avoid a massive sell and a dump after listing while waiting for the deployment of our own global ecosystem. A bonus system will be unlock after listing so all holders will be rewarded at the switch to CameLink.

CamelCoin (CML)
Smartcontract :
Supply Minted
40 000 000
Max Total Supply
170 000 000
Purchase Method
Soft Cap 5M $
Hard Cap 75M $
KYC (Know Your Customer)
Min/Max Personal Cap
125$ / 100K $ (anti whale system)
Lock Security
YES (anti dump system)

Tokenomics chart

Minted Supply


Circulating supply


Projects Funding50%
Security Reserve15%
Camelink Development20%
Team & Partners7%
Promotion & Marketing5%
Legal Works3%