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A cryptocurrency based in the Sahara, near the largest livestocks and wild animals.

The camelcoin team aims to create and develop a cryptocurrency (Camelcoin), design its own information exchange network (CameLink blockchain) and facilitate the democratization and recognition of camel products in the world. This triple solution will collectively help support the economic development of all activities around camelids, stimulate innovation in all sectors of these activities (food, cosmetics, tourism, textiles, sports, etc.) and improve the position of these markets globally as well as create new income generating activities in particular areas in need. This whole ecosystem will then be open to 200 limited similar projects and expand the natural products available in the platform to thousands and all needs (oils, honeys, herbs...)

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Tokenomics chart

Total supply 170 Million
Projects Funding %
Security Reserve %
Camelink Development %
Buy Limit CML/adress
Team & Partners %
Promotion & Marketing %
Legal Works %
Sell Limit CML/adress/week

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Token Distribution

Here are some of the mains informations concernig the camelcoin token on Cardano blockchain before it's switch to th CameLink blockchain. Most of those main functions will stay after that. There is a 170 Million token limited supply and half of the ICO's unsold supply will be burned and no more token will be edited. Anti whale and security lock system are made to avoid a massive sell and a dump after listing while waiting for the deployment of our own global ecosystem. A bonus system will be unlock after listing so all holders will be rewarded at the switch to CameLink.

Name : CamelCoin (CML)
Smartcontract : 0910961aa7c9bc105fe3ed3b9fae2df4fa3e5838c22c143f92726545
Cardanoscan : view on
Supply minted : 40 000 000
Max Total supply : 170 000 000
Purchase method : USDT
Soft Cap 5M $ : Hard Cap 75M $
KYC (Know your customer) : YES
Whitelist : YES
Min/Max personal cap : 125$ / 100K $ (anti whale system)
Lock Security : YES (anti dump system)

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Mekka avenue, Laayoune, Morocco

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Welcome to Sahara, our office is YOUR office.

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Mekka avenue,
Laayoune, MOROCCO

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Phone 1: +212-(0)689195064
Phone 2: +212-(0)80-8657569
Whatsapp: +212-(0)669000543

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